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Industry performance against targets: 2019 versus 2018

  Activity     Milestone      2019     2018
  1. Compliance to milestone reporting     100% reports should be finalised.     80.6%     92.0%
  2. HIV counselling and testing     100% of employees should undergo HIV testing services (HTS) annually with all eligible employees linked to an antiretroviral treatment (ART) programme as per the South African National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and STIs 2017 -2022.    


(79.4 % including those on ART)



(93.9% including those on ART)

  3. TB screening     100% of employees should be screened for TB annually.     80.6%     90.3%
  4. TB incidence    

MHSC Milestone:
By December 2024, the mining industry TB incidence rate should be at or below the national TB incidence rate.

    298/100,000     435/100,000
  5. The general population aspirational target of TB incidence reduction     5% year-on-year reduction for the TB incidence rate.      The industry is on track to meeting the target     The industry is on track to meeting the target
  6. NCDs     Screen all employees for hypertension     63.2 %     N/A
          Screen all employees for diabetes     57.6 %  

    Target not met
    Target met/on track