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Employment Relations provides service excellence to our members in the field of employee relations, with respect to labour legislation and regulation.

Critical team members

  • Motsamai Motlhamme: Head: Employment Relations
  • Erissa Martin: Senior Policy Analyst: Employment Relations

Key activities

  • Providing specialist expertise and advisory input on employment relations and labour market issues.
  • Formulating and mandating industry policies and position papers on issues that will impact on the mining industry in particular and employers generally.
  • Facilitating interaction between Human Resources and Employment Relations representatives of member companies, principally through a standing committee known as the Labour Policy Committee.
  • Representing members and mining interests in various key forums, such as Nedlac.
  • Playing an active and leading role within the structures of Business Unity South Africa (Busa) to ensure that mining interests are fully taken into account by that body.
  • Ongoing interaction with the leadership of the unions in the mining sector.

External bodies

The Employment Relations team serves on a number of bodies to ensure that the interests of the mining industry are well represented in key policy formulating and advocacy forums, including:

  • Business Unity South Africa (Busa)
  • National Economic Development & Labour Council (Nedlac)

Gold wage agreements reached in 2015

Gold wage agreements reached in 2018

Coal wage agreement reached in 2015

Coal wage agreement reached in 2017