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The Minerals Council supports member companies in their individual and collective efforts that contribute towards the sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development of host communities. The Minerals Council promotes collaboration among member companies to ensure that positive and sustainable impacts are achieved in mine host communities and major labour-sending areas.


  • Tebello Chabana: Senior Executive: Public Affairs and Transformation
  • Alex Khumalo: Head: Social Performance
  • Herbert Modupi: Regional Manager: Mpumalanga


The mining industry makes significant investments in socio-economic development programmes (mostly as part of SLP commitments). These investments are aimed at making a positive contribution to society at large. The prevailing socio-economic conditions in host communities, however, do not always reflect the positive contributions that the industry makes nor the outcomes that the industry is striving to achieve. The key question that the Minerals Council, together with its members is aiming to answer is: How can we achieve greater impacts and outcomes more effectively and embed and deliver the concept of shared value in mining’s host communities?


Whilst the Minerals Council’s primary objective is to play an advocacy role for the industry, it also plays a critical role in facilitating collaboration between member companies in the area of community development.

Furthermore, we work with member companies in the development and promotion of sound and proactive community relationships through effective stakeholder engagement, including engagement with the regulator, district and local municipalities, and other interested and affected parties (IAPs).

Retaining the legal licence to operate is but a tip of the compliance landscape. As a result, we also work with member companies to ensure that risks emanating from mining activities are minimised by encouraging members to adopt inclusive approaches in earning and retaining their social licences to operate.

Our regional presence in Mpumalanga (Emalahleni office) and the Northern Cape (Kuruman office) not only allows for collaboration among member companies, but it also opens new collaboration avenues with other stakeholders in these regions. The Minerals Council regional offices are tasked with ensuring that we become a key developmental and collaboration catalyst in mining towns.