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The Minerals Council South Africa (Minerals Council) continuously looks for ways to advance the position of the South African mining industry, and to make improvements, participating in various initiatives and projects in areas relating to health, education, policy and regulations.

The Minerals Council is a member association of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), an international organisation dedicated to a safe, fair and sustainable mining industry.

The ICMM brings together 23 mining and metals companies, and 33 regional and commodities associations to strengthen environmental and social performance, and to serve as a catalyst for change, thus enhancing mining’s contribution to society.

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The Economics team provides input on matters affecting investment in the South African mining industry and issues facing the mining industry which have an economic impact. Its function includes collating and analysing data and information on behalf of the industry, and advising industry on responses and positioning in respect of critical issues.

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The Employment Relations team provides service excellence to members in the field of labour relations, including labour market issues, collective bargaining, employment equity and social security.

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The Safety and Sustainability team actively promotes safety and health in the workplace for mineworkers, promotes effective environmental management and has identified areas in which the organisation can initiate positive change.

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The Health team provides service excellence to members in the field of occupational health, including occupational medicine and occupational hygiene and ventilation, as well as advocacy and advice on TB, HIV and Aids.

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The Mining Industry Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) Learning Hub was established by the Minerals Council in 2009 to encourage and enable mining companies to learn from the safety and health expertise, and leading practices that exist in the industry.

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The Finance and Administration team provides the internal financial and administrative structures and support to ensure the smooth running of the Minerals Council’s internal processes.

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The Minerals Council’s Public Affairs and Transformation department seeks to engage and inform all mining industry stakeholders through multi-channel communications and networking systems.

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The Minerals Council’s Junior and Emerging Miners’ Desk provides advice and support, and acts as a resource centre for the smaller Minerals Council member companies.

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The Skills Development team facilitates an environment that enables the mining industry to deliver skilled and trainable employees for deployment and advancement. A skills development initiative represents members in education and human resources development and associated policy and legislation.

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The Environmental team is charged with ensuring environmental issues are addressed in a manner that enhances members’ contributions to sustainable development, and ensures that risks to the viability of the mining industry are identified and managed.

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The Legal team provides the legal advice necessary to act on behalf of members in promoting, opposing or influencing legislative and other measures affecting members’ interests. The focus is on constructive policies that are consistent with the national interest.

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The Illegal mining team assists in addressing challenges from a range of perspectives with the rise of illegal mining in South Africa.