The Masoyise iTB initiative (whose Steering Committee is chaired by Mr Andile Sangqu – Vice President of the Minerals Council South Africa), which was launched in late 2015, was conceived as a major tuberculosis (TB) and HIV screening campaign for the South African mining industry. The programme was intended to run over 3 years, and formed part of a broader national campaign launched earlier in 2015 by then-Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

As the media statement announcing the launch of Masoyise iTB noted, Minerals Council members “have agreed to play their part in this campaign by ensuring that every employee is screened for TB and counselled for HIV each year from 2016 to 2018. Most companies already have comprehensive TB and HIV screening, testing, and treatment in place, which are aligned with World Health Organization (WHO) practices.”

Then-President of the Chamber (now the Minerals Council), Mike Teke, commented of the launch that “This campaign will seek to take the work that companies already do further. Through this initiative, we will work with the DMR to assist smaller companies in implementing screening and testing among employees; we will ensure that screening and testing is extended also to contractors’ employees; and we will investigate implementing contact tracing to off-mine communities of employees. Contact tracing of on-mine employees is usually undertaken. We are also in discussion with the National Health Laboratory Services on how access to TB and HIV diagnostics can be improved.”

Masoyise iTB meetings are attended by representatives of Minerals Council member companies, along with representatives of the trade unions (NUM, Solidarity, AMCU, UASA), government (Department of Health and Department of Mineral Resources, the Mine Health and Safety Council, National Health Laboratory Service and National Institute of Occupational Health) and other organisations including UNAIDS , SABCOHA, and the WHO.

For more information, visit the Masoyise iTB resources hub and view images from our events.