In 2017 Masoyise iTB saw some key achievements which include:

  • The Rapid Appraisal initiative
    The Rapid Appraisal initiative was a study conducted to follow-up mineworkers who leave the industry while on TB treatment. Eight companies were sampled, and it was found that five had service level agreements with TEBA to follow up workers that had gone home, one had internal mechanisms for following up on the workers, while two had no mechanisms for follow up.
  • The Eastern Cape Pledge
    The pledge made by Mr Sangqu on December 2017 at the World AIDS Day celebration in the Eastern Cape to support the province with health screening was implemented. The South African Business Coalition for Health and AIDS (SABCOHA) conducted the screening between March and May 2018. 

    The campaign was a success with a total of 7,500 people in deep rural areas screened. A 7.9% HIV positivity rate was found; while 3,150 people needed further screening for TB, with 1,009 of these having partners in the mines.
  • The UNAIDS Programme Committee Board (PCB) meeting
    The Minerals Council was intimately involved with developments leading up to the UN High Level meeting and showed its support by attending the Consultative meeting in June 2018 as well as the High Level meeting in September. The experiences of the mining industry with Masoyise iTB and its success in reducing TB and HIV were showcased at the meeting. The Minerals Council also supported a resolution spearheaded by the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) for inclusion of language in the final declaration that encourages countries to reduce exposure to silica. This language was adopted by the Heads of State and Government.