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The mining industry not only contributes to vast economic wealth, but also creates hundreds of thousands of mining jobs and career paths. Our work is invested in the mining industry as a whole and we recognise that an educated workforce is a benefit to our members and to the lives of thousands of South Africans.

Minerals Council Certificates – www.comcert.co.za
We host a number of courses covering most aspects of mining work, recognised by our member mines. Available at various lengths, these courses will equip you with the necessary theory to join the mining industry.
University of the Witwatersrand – www.wits.ac.za/miningeng/
Wits is located in Johannesburg, making it strategically located for your future career in mining. Currently, it offers a 4 year Mining Degree, Geology Degree and 3 year BSC Construction Study Degree.
University of Johannesburg – www.uj.ac.za/faculties/febe/
UJ prides itself on teaching practical skills for an educated labour workforce. Currently, it offers a Diploma in Mining/Mineral Surveying and Mining Engineering, an MTech in Construction Management, and a BTech in Mineral Resource Management.
University of Pretoria – www.up.ac.za/mining-engineering
UP focuses on strategic education tailored to the needs of South Africa’s workforce. Currently offering a 4 year course in Mining Engineering, you will have the tools necessary to join the workforce with confidence.
University of the Free State – www.ufs.ac.za
Extensive and growing relationships with universities overseas assist in the UFS becoming a global player in academic research. Currently offering 3 year course in Quantity Surveying, Construction Management and Environmental Studies or specialise in a 4 year course or Geology Studies.