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Today marks a year since the Chamber of Mines launched the first 100kw commercial building base load platinum fuel cell using low pressure natural gas in the country – and Africa.

The fuel cell industry has the potential to revolutionise the way power is delivered – from cars to mobile phones and computers, as well as to homes and workplaces.

The Chamber of Mines will continue to demonstrate the potential for local manufacture and the industrial use of platinum in South Africa and Africa; promote platinum beneficiation, capture and sustain technical and operational fuel cell knowledge and unlock South Africa’s natural resources through the use of natural gas and platinum.

Fuel cell technology is aligned with the Chamber of Mines’ commitment to an agreement reached at COP21, aimed at creating a more environmentally sustainable future through the Sustainable Development Goals. The Chamber of Mines’ office in the Johannesburg CBD continues to be powered by a platinum fuel cell that uses low-pressure natural gas.

Today, Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats), in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology, the University of the Western Cape and Hydrogen South Africa Systems, unveiled its prototype hydrogen fuel cell forklift and refuelling station at its Impala Platinum Refineries in Springs, east of Johannesburg. Over the last three years, Implats has contributed R6 million towards the development of the prototype forklift and refuelling station and plans to use hydrogen fuel cell technology as its main source of energy for material handling and underground mining equipment.

In the interests of pursuing a cleaner environment, the Chamber of Mines is supportive of Implats’ fuel cell initiative and particularly pleased and proud to be celebrating the first year of continuous and successful use of its own fuel cell.