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National Platinum Strategy for South Africa

The National Platinum Strategy for South Africa, developed by the Platinum Leadership Forum which comprises platinum producing members of the Minerals Council, is aimed at addressing the current crisis, preventing further erosion of the economic capacity of the industry and ensuring that the world’s largest PGM resource realises its full value through the addition of more than 1 million jobs and a contribution of R8.2 trillion to South Africa’s economy by 2050.

Achieving the aims of the Nation Platinum Strategy will require collaboration between all stakeholders, involving urgent and bold action by the South African government in the form of support which will allow the PGM sector to tackle short term challenges while at the same time investing in the long-term future. At the same time, a concerted and co-ordinated effort by the public and private sector, supported by the framework of a national strategy, is essential to enhance the short-term and prevent the long-term opportunity from being squandered.