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In celebration of National Environment Month, the Chamber is showcasing some of its platinum members’ environmental initiatives.

Anglo American Platinum

Managing water supply

To reduce its potable water demand, Amplats signed an offtake agreement with the Rustenburg Water Services Trust in 2006 to use 15 Ml/day of treated sewage effluent from its sewage treatment plant at a cost of R2.1million per month. A R15 million water-treatment plant was commissioned to improve the quality of the treated sewage water introduced into water-reticulation system. Additional pipelines were installed to promote the use of treated sewage water and simultaneously offset the use of an equivalent volume of potable water. The initiative has led to a significant decrease in average consumption of potable water.


  • Water recycled – 391.97 million m³
  • Water saving – 16%
  • Energy consumption down – 7%
  • Carbon emissions down – 22%

Anglo American Platinum Limited Intergrated Annual Report 2015


Anglo American Platinum Limited Sustainable Development Report 2014



Waste swop shop project

Lonmin established a waste swop shop at the Thlapi Moruwe Primary School in Wonderkop to address a number of burning community issues, including children and families in need, littering and over-used landfill sites. The project encourages local learners from all areas in and around Wonderkop to swop glass, paper, plastic and tins for stationery, clothing, toiletries and toys. The project teaches learners that waste has a value and an impact on the environment and their health if not managed properly. Since the start of the project in April 2015, the swop shop has collected more than 10 tonnes of recyclable waste, and the community of Wonderkop and its surrounding areas are visibly cleaner.


  • Water efficiency improved – 9.7%
  • Energy efficiency improved – 12%
  • Savings per energy-efficient technology – R44.14 million


Pycna sylvia – the timeless song of the cicada

During an environmental impact assessment at the Der Brochen valley, it was found that the Pycna sylvia cicada, thought to be extinct for almost a century – was chorally inhabiting the valley. Northam conducted an extensive survey to determine if there are any vital concentrations of cicada Pycna Sylvia which could be destroyed by mine development.  It was established that the grasslands in the valley contained no cicadas and that they were confined to areas with Vitex trees. Northam further committed to conduct regular assessments of the road verges and to remove any invasive plants as soon as identified.


  • Water recycled Zondereinde – 91%
  • Water recycled Booysendal – 72%
  • Power savings – 31 506 MWh

Buttonshope Conservancy Trust

The trust was established in 2011 in collaboration with the Mpumalanga Parks and Tourism Agency to retain a portion of the freehold land adjacent to the Booysendal mine as an environmental conservancy. The group contributed an amount of R10.0 million to the trust.

Northam Annual Integrated Report 2015


Northam Sustainable Development Report 2009