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National Environment month is celebrated in June, with the South African government and captains of industry leading the way by stimulating awareness on environmental issues and challenging all to become agents for change.

The Chamber of Mines understands that the mining sector is an important stakeholder in the environmental sector and acknowledges that the sustainability of mining is dependent on the efficient use and conservation of natural resources.

Through its Environment department, the Chamber acts as the thought leader in the mining sector regarding environmental policy initiatives, leading discussions and the development of guidelines and policy position to facilitate improved environmental performance by the mining sector.

The Chamber and its members are committed to various multilateral agreements that the South African government is party to, with the ultimate aim of realising a more environmentally balanced future through the Sustainable Development Goals. The Chamber promotes and recognises the contribution that mining companies make to the sustainable development of South Africa.

Achieving a delicate balance between economic objectives and environmental stewardship is what the Chamber and its members strive for. The vision of a more environmentally sustainable future can be realised through the mining sector’s unwavering commitment to an improved environmental performance.

Key dates:

  • 5 June – World Environment Day

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