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9 December 2020

Safety and health year-end campaign

We are heading towards a period of the year referred to as the ‘silly season’, where focus on critical issues is often lost and when people let down their guard. During this time, we need to be extra vigilant and committed to safety and health and well-being.

To re-enforce this focus at operations, and in communities, the Minerals Council has developed a set of safety and health awareness posters with the following key messages:

  1. Safety comes first, above all else.
  2. Be aware, be prepared and don’t lose focus.
  3. Safety incidents have the biggest impact on loves ones at home, remember them.
  4. COVID-19 isn’t over, continue to follow all hygiene and social distancing measures.
  5. Health and well-being matter: know your status for HIV and other chronic illnesses.
  6. Falls of ground are the biggest cause of mining fatalities: identify hazards and report any concerns.


Safety and health awareness posters